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Anniversary and Giveaways at Raising Homemakers

Raising Homemakers is celebrating their 1 year anniversary this week and giving away prizes.

Monday’s post is about The Eternal Perspective of the Home and includes a giveaway of a set of 6 books by Clay and Sally Clarkson.

Tuesday’s post allows you to Meet the 5 New Contributors and includes a giveaway for 3 books, a doll kit, and a coloring book from Doorposts.

Wednesday’s post is their (almost) weekly Homemaking Link-Up and includes a giveaway for some dishes from Dayspring.

Thursday’s post is a Review of Character Concepts for Preschoolers and a chance to win the product they’re reviewing (most of it is useful with at a little bit older kids too).      [added 6/2/2011]

Friday’s post highlights Tomorrow’s Forefathers a family owned company that tries to equip parents to keep their children rooted firmly in the Lord. The giveaway is for several of Tomorrow’s Forefathers products. [added 6/3/2011]


All of the prizes would be great for homemakers or homeschoolers.

I think you have until Friday, June Third at 9:00 p.m. EST to enter all the giveaways.


The Winners have been announced. Go to Raising Homemakers to find out who won. [added 6/4/2011]



I just recently discovered this blog and I really like it. To quote their site “ is dedicated to inspiring, teaching and blessing mothers who have an interest in raising their daughters in godliness and preparing them in the arts of homemaking to the glory of God.” It has over 20 contributors ranging from young women still living in their parents’ homes to women married 20+ years with several children and in a few cases grandchildren.

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend

and has at some time this weekend made time to spend with family and friends. We’re mostly sitting around the house today enjoying my husband’s day off. We went to a nearby river this weekend with some of the extended family to have a picnic and let the kids wade in the water.

While like everyone else I enjoy the picnics and barbecues, the long weekend, and the extra family time I want to always remember what this holiday is really about. It’s a day to remember those who gave their lives in the service of our country. We have freedom because of them.

I don’t agree with some of the website but I liked this post by Oliver North about Memorial Day.

This Monday I’m not only remembering those who died to give us freedom. I’m saying a special prayer for the families of the American soldiers who have been killed in the last year who are facing their first Memorial Day without a loved one. I’m also saying an extra prayer for those who serve in our military and their families who are risking so much to protect our country and her friends.

Welcome to Lucinda’s Corner!

My First Post

Hello, and welcome to Lucinda’s Corner. Obviously my name is Lucinda, and I’m a stay-at-home mom who lives in a semi-rural area of east Tennessee and homeschools two teenagers. This blog will be about things that are a part of my stay-at-home mom life.

I intend to talk about nutrition and cooking, homeschooling, gardening, crafts, good books and video games, decorating and organizing my home, living a Christian life, and anything else that seems relevant. I don’t claim to be an expert at any of it but homeschooling has taught me you can learn and teach at the same time. What this blog ends up being about will depend on what I feel most comfortable writing about, what goes on in the world and my life, and feedback from my readers and God. I hope some of what I write will help and encourage other homemakers whatever their situation.

I love being a stay-at-home mom. I love teaching my children and learning new things. I’m not so in love with the housework part of my life, but I keep working at it.

I think I should let everyone out there know that I’m not yet real comfortable with writing things for other people to read. In fact it has taken me 3 days and several attempts to write this introduction. I have this one very traumatic memory from early in grade school of getting a writing assignment back with an “A” on the top but with lots of red marks all over my paper. I got a good grade because I had done the assignment correctly but my teacher decided to point out all my mistakes in areas we hadn’t learned about yet to “help me out since I was such a good student”. I have had a hard time letting other people read my writing ever since.

Why am I blogging then? 1) To help me get over my perfectionist attitude about writing. I’ve been helped by other people’s writings even when they weren’t perfect. I’m trying to reinforce the idea in my own head that it doesn’t have to be worded perfectly to be worth saying. 2) To connect more with other people in similar situations. My circle of friends I talk with face to face is small and as my kids get older I’m feeling the need to make contacts outside my current circle. 3) To encourage my children. My daughter is a writer and my son is like me, not shy but not outgoing either. I’m trying to set a good example about doing things. 4) My husband suggested I should.

Hopefully this hasn’t been too long. I welcome your comments even if you disagree with me (I will block spam and vulgar or abusive language). I look forward to writing again soon and to being part of the blogging community.